Milton Ghosts Walks

The Milton Ghost Walks with Charlotte Seccombe is a night time walking tour of Milton developed by Cathy Dunn of

Discover the ghosts and eerie tales of historic Milton on the South Coast NSW.

Milton Ghost walks NSWSo why not Join Charlotte Seccombe, the mistress of the Star Hotel from the the 1860s on a lantern-lit walking tour to experience the historic village of  Milton.

Charlotte will answer your many questions such as:

  • Where do the spirits reside live at Milton?
  • When did the old Post office get a second storey?
  • How did Milton really get its name?

So if you drive through Milton of a night time and see people and lanterns, you know Charlotte is out and about.

Charlotte meets you at the Milton Cultural Centre, Princes Highway opposite the old Post Office.

The guided ghost walks are held on second Saturday of each Saturday nights, 6.00pm – 8.00pm. Starting time is later in summer.

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Check an eye on Ulladulla.Info Facebook for dates of the Ghost Walk

Private group tours are available on other nights. Charlotte also does daytime history walks around Milton and Ulladulla. Bookings essential ph: 0459 044 780