Nia Technique Classes

At a Nia Class you’ll see people of all ages, body shapes and levels of fitness, and usually a couple of them have never taken the class before.

Nia Technique Classes UlladullaWith a “More-Gain, No-Pain” philosophy, every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities, from first time movers to athletes in training.

Nia is for everybody, you don’t have to be fit or coordinated, and no experience is needed before taking a class.

Discover Nia – ONE practice that offers: the joy of dance, the flexibility of yoga, the mindfulness of meditation, the power of martial arts the core strength of pilates, and more. Social Distancing for classes and groups now in place.


  • 9.00am Milton CWA Hall. Classic Nia. Kerrie 0417 312 290


  • 10.00am Milton Masonic Hall Classic Nia Noel P:0402 05 8899
  • 5.00pm Kioloa Hall. Classic Nia. Noël 0402 05 8899


  • 9.30am  Tomerong School of Arts Hall. Classic Nia with Lyn Symons 0438 541 607


  • 8.30am Kioloa Hall Classic Nia Noel P:0402 05 8899
  • 9.00am Milton CWA Hall . Classic Nia. Kerrie 0417 312 290


  • 11am Milton Masonic Hall Moving to Heal Noel P:0402 05 8899


  • 9.00am Milton CWA Hall. Classic Nia. Lyn 0438 541 607

Nia is for every Body. Classes adaptable to all fitness levels.

Costs – Introduction to Nia Classes Special rate – 3 classes for $25 – 5 classes for $75 – 10 classes for $145

Check with individual teachers for costs as these may vary

Noël, Kerrie and Lyn are all certified Nia Practitioners with many years of teaching experience between them.

Bring water, towel, comfortable exercise clothes. Bare feet are good – bring shoes if preferred.

For more information:
Noël Boycott: Nia Black Belt Practitioner – Mob: 0402 058 899
Kerrie Bailey: Nia Black Belt Practitioner – Mob: 0417 312 290
Lyn Symons: Brown Belt Practitioner – Mob: 0438 541 607

Dancing through life – Email

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