Does your Dog have problems

Pulling on lead ?

Not coming when called ?

Reacting to other dogs ?

Biting / nipping ?

Anxious ?

Not listening?

Toileting in the house ?

Dog trainer Jamie from Specialist dog training is now offering services in the Milton Ulladulla region , specialising in unwanted dog behaviours and “quirks “

Tailoring training to individual dog needs

To  build positive long lasting rewarding relationships for dog and owner.

Jamie is currently working with charities and rescue groups with dogs helping them deal with trauma and sometimes neglect and the behaviours that manifest from that .

He is also involved helping ex working dog’s transition in to suburban homes to become outstanding loyal companions.

In addition to helping pets get certified for therapy companions and service dog for children with autism and disability

With the help of “bacon“ Jamie’s black kelpie (a prime example of how far a dog can come ) who helps dogs with dog reactive behaviour.

Specialist dog training are offering 1 on 1 specialist sessions

And small group basic obedience classes.

From this training , dogs and owners will become calmer , more focused , and confident and strengthen their relationships.

If you need help or guidance to strengthen your relationship with your dog

Please contact Jamie from Specialist Dog Training- Bookings and enquires 
Phone: 0423401319