Bush fire nearly destroys the town of Ulladulla 1939

Feeling the heat of summer, try back in January 1939 when there were nine consecutive days above 42°C.

On 13 January 1939, eight houses, the timber mill, tannery and iceworks were destroyed by fire.

Children and women stood in the waters of Ulladulla harbour whilst then men tried to stop the fire.

Seaman of ships in the harbour joined the local community to protect the township of Ulladulla.

The fire started near the northern end of Camden St and quickly spread over to St Vincent Street and along Church Street, the fire was fueled by hot westerly winds and burnt down majority of the northern part of town of Ulladulla.

Also on 1 January 2006 it was 43.8°C

Photo: Ulladulla tannery and iceworks destroyed by the 1939 fire.

ULLADULLA FIRE RELIEF FUND A public meeting was called by the Mayor, Ald. W. Ryan, on Monday night to, make arrangements for assisting those who had suffered so much in, the big Ulladulla fire. The meeting was not so well attended as might have been expected. His Worship occupied the chair, and outlined the object of the gathering, to call for further assistance for those who lost mostly all their belongings and were in. poor circumstances; For their donations were given at the meeting. The acting secretary (Town Clerk) Mr. Drew, said they had been in communication with the Member, Mr, H.  J. Bate, M.L: who said he most certainly would bring the matter before the authorities and the Lord Mayor’s Relief Fund and get assistance, if possible, for the Ulladulla people. The secretary reported that £71/1/0 was the amount received to date, and the Ulladulla Town Fund was £77. A committee was formed for the distribution in goods to distressed families. Those on the committee were Messrs. V. Veitch, A. Searle, R. Breckenbridgc, S. Ford, C. Fitch, W. McCauley, together with the Mayor and Town Clerk. Nowra Leader, 27 January 1939

Since the last meeting of the Council severe bush fires caused considerable loss to owners and residents of the Municipality. Fires endangered, properties in the Pointer and Little Forest district but the most damage was caused at Ulladulla where a number of homes, the timber mill and ice works, and a considerable amount of fencing were destroyed. A relief fund was opened by the Mayor and some £200 has been subscribed. Town Clerk Report: 15 February 1939