Memorial Wall for the 2002 Bali Bombings

The 2020 Bali Bombings Memorial Wall in memory of the 88 Australians who died is located at the Dunn Lewis Centre 141 St Vincent Street Ulladulla NSW was unveiled on the 20th Anniversary of the Bali Bombing on 12 October 2022.

Photo: Gayle and Karlee Dunn of Dunn Lewis Centre Ulladulla at the unveiling of memorial wall 12 October 2022.

A salute to surfing soldiers: Written by Bruce Summers (Craig Dunn’s Cousin): The surfing soldiers are missing at war, but in the spirit of happy young men just beginning life’s journeys, the weapons they used on the front line that night have not been lost. They were armed with freedom of choice, spirit of adventure, love of outdoor life, a sense of kindness to others, the love of their family & home and respect for all things good.