Masters and Convicts

The scope of Masters and Convicts and their first generation, one can prove they were in the Murramarang and Ulladulla District.

With the Ulladulla district situated amongst the allure and beauty of the South Coast of NSW, now a major drawcard for holidaymakers, some would find it hard to believe that Ulladulla was just a small bay with a few buildings standing still in time. Our district can give its European origins to convict labour and their masters. The convicts were assigned to the many farms and estates centred around Ulladulla, Croobyar, Woodstock, Darling Forest, Brooman and further south at Murramarang. The major landholders were the Kendalls at Darling Forest and Kendall Dale, Alexander Macleay of the Croobyar Estate, William Wason of Woodstock, along with Sydney Stephens and William Morris and later William Carr at Murramarang.

The Masters and Convicts Murramarang and Ulladulla publication is now an ebook,  and reviews all the Masters and Convicts in the Ulladulla area from 1828 to the 1840s. Included is the convict and shipping details, and also the next generation hence the early pioneer families of the Milton Ulladulla district along with the birth, death and marriage information from the local church records  and civil registrations.

44 pages, printable pdf. $12.50